Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era


Hubbard Ship Store

Contact :  Joyce Davis/Renneker

Address :  PO Box 328 Warroad, MN 56763-0328

Tel. no. :  (651) 295-0012

Email@  :




1) White polo shirt




White polo shirt has blue edging on sleeves and collar with logo in blue/gray, no pocket. Priced by size. Specify Ladies or Men.

Size:  Small ------- $25

         Medium & Large ---------$26

         XL ---------$27

         2XL --------$28


2) T-shirts

T-shirt is (Navy blue or Gray), no pocket, ship name and profile in gold and black/silver.

Size : Small, Medium, Large, XLarge --------- $16  (Larger add $2.00)

Long Sleeve (Navy or Gray) Size : Small, Medium, Large, XLarge $20.00 (larger add $2.00)

Natalie Oliver (Wife of Dick Oliver) in the classic blue t-shirt with Hubbard logo in gold and white.

3) Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are special ordered in gray, white or Navy or any color you want.

Crew: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge-------- $40  2XL --------$45

James Renneker ETN2 1960-63 wearing Navy Blue Hubbard Sweat Shirt and Hat.

Al Eisenbraun SH3 1963-67 wearing Gray Sweat Shirt and Hat.

Hoodie: Add $5

Add your name (or that of a loved one) to sweatshirt. Call for pricing info

4) Baseball cap

Adjustable Blue baseball cap with logo hard front ------------$16

With shirt purchase----$14

The usual Hubbard Ship logo will be on all hats and shirts. If requested we will embroider under the logo a line of additional wording, such as your name, Vietnam Vet, Rate, Years on board etc. At no extra charge.

5) License plate

License plate holders are white plastic with the ship name and DD-748 in blue, and flags in red, white and blue. Cutouts at top for display of renewal decals on license plate ---------------$3

Decals: Hubbard window decal 5 1/2 inches square WWII, Korea, Vietnam versions for $8. plus $2. if ordered seperately. No shipping if included with another order



License Plate Holders only--------------------$2.00

Decals only------------------------------------$2.00

Hat only---------------------------------------$4.00

All other orders ($8.00, $10,00, $12.00, or $14.00) decided by size of order and shipping to address.

Make all checks payable to Joyce Davis

     Phone orders to: 651-295-0012

     e-mail orders to:

     Mail to: P.O. Box 328 Warroad, MN 56763 

Beware of imitators.

This is the official store.

Profits benefit the reunion association.