Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era


D748 USS Harry Hubbard - Reunion Section

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Photo Albums From Past Reunions: 

1998 Reunion - Tacoma, WA

1999 Reunion - Minneapolis, MN

2000 Reunion - Mobile, AL

2001 Reunion - Omaha, NE

2002 Reunion - Nashville, TN

2003 Reunion - Houston, TX 
       2003 - USS Texas and San Jacinto
2003 - Hospitality Room and Galveston
-  2003 - NASA Space Center

2004 Reunion - Washington, DC

2005 Reunion - Ontario, CA

2006 Reunion - Alburquerque, NM

2007 Reunion - Jacksonville, FL

2008 Reunion - Baltimore, MD

2009 Reunion - Green Bay, WI

2010 Reunion - Alburquerque, NM 
        -  2010 - Hot Air Balloon Festival  

2011 Reunion - Branson, MO

2012 Reunion - Seattle, WA 
       2012 - Cruise - Seattle to Alaska

2013 Reunion - Virginia Beach, VA
       2013 - Naval Museum and Virginia Beach


2014 Reunion - Baton Rouge, LA


2015 Reunion - Charleston, S.C.

2016 Reunion - San Diego, CA

2017 Reunion - Oklahoma City, OK


The Hubbard flag that flew from May 8th to July 24th 1944 while the ship was in Japan and survived the Kamikaze attack at Okinawa.  Flag owner David O’Hanna RM2 1944-45.


Former Commanding Officer Burris Wood was an extremely important part of our early reunions.  Captain  Wood is seen here with wife Ethel at our 1998 Reunion in Tacoma, Washington.  Sadly Capt. Wood and Ethel have both passed away.   


Gary Bowles seen here at a past reunion served on the Hubbard from 1963-66.  Gary hosts the Yahoo site for the Hubbard. Please consider joining if you have not done so. You will be able to keep up-to-date with e-mails from other crewmembers on things of importance.  See Yahoo Mail link on this page.


SH3 Al Eisenbraun and Ens. Dick Oliver at the Virginia Beach Reunion of 2013.  Dick Oliver served on the Hubbard in 1968-69 and writes the Hubbard Newsletter and has hosted several reunions. Al served on the Hubbard from 1963-67 and hosts this website.  Al has helped host reunions and spends many hours each  week searching for our fellow former sailors who served aboard the Hubbard and adding them to the website as well as inviting them to future reunions.  He can be reached through the Email link on this website.


Reunions of the Past:
Year      Location                              Hosts

1989     Cape Girardeau, Mo           John M & Pam Sarff

1990     Atlanta, GA                         Robert A & Mary Carson

1991     Baton Rouge, LA                Johnnie & Opal Gatlin

1992     Las Vegas, NV                    John & Sherlee Strain

1993     Chicago, IL                         Robert R & Doloris Fabianski

1994     St. Louis, MO                      Sandy A Reid

1995     Ashville, NC                        Charles A Shook

1996     San Diego, CA                    Thomas J & Ruthe Cunningham

1997     Chattanooga, TN               James T & Dianne Hill

1998     Tacoma, WA                       Cy Elliser

1999     Minneapolis, MN                  Richard C. Carbert
2000     Mobile, AL                           James M & Jean Hicks

2001     Omaha, NE                          Donald & Paula Livingston

2002     Nashville, TN                       Richard & Natalie Oliver

2003     Houston, TX                        Calvin & Sue Robertson

2004     Washington, D.C.               James & Debbie Minard

2005     Ontario, CA                        Thomas J & Ruth Cunningham

2006     Albuquerque, NM               Mikey & Kathy Peters

2007     Jacksonville, FL                 Richard & Natalie Oliver

2008     Baltimore, MD                    Mike & Doris Caruccio 
2009     Green Bay, WI                   John & Darlene Kraft

2010     Albuquerque, NM               Mikey Peters
2011     Branson, MO                       John & Darlene Kraft          

Seattle, WA                        James & Debbie Minard
2013     Virginia Beach, VA             Richard & Natalie Oliver
2014     Baton Rouge, LA                Richard & Natalie Oliver
2015     Charleston, SC                   Bill Kanipe, George & Cherry Young
2016     San Diego, CA                    James and Beverlee Kelly
2017     Oklahoma City, OK             Steve and Patricia Gann
2018     Newport, RI                        Ron and Patricia Petry
2019     Nashville, TN                       Richard and Natalie Oliver
2020    Milwaukee, WI                     Cancelled (Covid)
2021    Milwaukee, WI                     John and Darlene Kraft
2022    San Diego, CA                       James and Beverlee Kelly