Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era



2000 Reunion - Mobile, AL


Robert McConaughy RM3 1966-67, Jerry McCullum FA 1966-67, Larry Weatherford SH3 1965-67, Mike Noonan ETR3 1966-68, Jim Minard ET2 1966-68, Al Eisenbraun SH3 1963-67, James Hensley ETR2 1966-68.


Admiral Roy Hoffmann 1950-52 speaking, with Ed Drummond GM1 1950-51 on right side, on USS Alabama.


Azaela Trail Maid welcomes the HUBBARD crew and guests


King Ed and Eloise Drummond


  Tamara opens the business meeting with a BANG!


                       Jack Brannan SK1 1963-67 talking with Supply Officer Ernie Roemer LTJG 1953-54 (Later Capt.)



Ruthe Cunningham wife of Tom Cunningham MM1 1952-55 joking with Bill Hastings GM2 1944-46, Bob Fabianski GMM3 1950 51 in back.



Bob Shenk LTJG 1966-68 (Later Capt), Ted McFerrin YN3 1965-67, Brad Howe LTJG 1964-67,
Al Eisenbraun SH3 1963-67, James Hensley ETR2 1966-68