Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era




2013 Reunion - Virginia Beach, VA


Your Hosts for the 2013 Reunion

Dick Oliver Ens 1968-69 and wife Natalie


Following pictures were provided by Al Eisenbraun, and his daughter Theresa Bird.

Hotel Inn Virginia Beach-Norfolk Virginia 


Al Eisenbraun SH3 1963-67, Dick Oliver Ens 1968-69


Irvin Sisler GM3 1944-46

 Mike Peters GMG2 1962-66

Michael Moran FTG3 1963-65

Don Livingston GMG3 1962-66


Two Plankowners Irvin Sisler GM3 1944-46, and Marvin Hill SN 1944-45

Charles Shook RD1 1954-57 and Betty Carney.  Charles has attended all 25 of the Hubbard Reunions.

Ken Saterlee ET2 1956-59 and wife Beverly


 Jimmy Loy SF3 1968-69 and Russ Miller LTjg 1965-67

Sherry Miller, Susan Fried, and Mary Davis

Jesse Crim EM3 1966-69 and wife Phyllis

Family of Jesse and Phyllis Crim

 Dennis Ditsch IC2 1968-69


 Sandy Reid IC1 1950-52 with son Glenn Reid


 Harvey Bryant RM3 1945-46 and wife Eloise

RADM Roy Hoffmann (LT) 1950-52 and wife Mary Linn


Dick Oliver Ens 1968-69 and wife Natalie 


Otto Brock FT2 1956-57 wife Charlene


Tom and Marie O'Day  Guests of Dick Oliver



 Fran Zanoth BT3 1966-68

 Ed Hayden SMSN 1946-47

 George Young MM3 1962-66 and wife Cherry

Bill Kanipe FP3 1955-57 and Cherry Young

 Andy Schavland IC2 1966-67

Jack Cole HM1 1963-65 and wife Sonja


Gene Konkoski BT3 1957-58 (Center) and friend John Mongello

Left of Gene is his cousins Vic and Angela Lewandowski 



Jon Marshall RD2 1961-62 and wife Adele


 Les Fraley SO2 1951-52 Wayne Sundberg BT3 1961-62

 Ernie Moore ET1 1950-51 and Betty Brauss


 Keith and Myrt McCurdy (Friends of Norm Eldridge)


 Norm Eldridge FP2 1952-55 and Sally Lahaye


 Michael Foyle STG2 1966-69 


 Sherry Miller, Mary Davis, Trenton Montross Jimmy Loy SF3 1968-69


 Ed Jose TN 1967-69 and wife Elisa

Vern Fairchild ME3 1955-57 and Carolyn Wren

 Vern Fairchild ME 3 1955-57,  James Graham HM1 1960-61 and son John


 Bob Shenk LTjg 1966-68 and wife Paula Shenk. Ed Blanchard LTjg 1964-67


 Bob Shenk LTjg 1966-68 and wife Paula Shenk

Ed Blanchard LTjg 1964-67


 J. T. Hill SK3 1950-54

RADM Roy Hoffmann (LT) 1950-52 and wife Mary Linn  


    • Rhonda Eastwood and Renee Erickson daughters of the late Marvin Lang RM2 1962-66, and their Mother Marlene Keeling. Attended the Memorial Service.


 RADM Roy Hoffmann (LT) 1950-52 and wife Mary Linn  


 Russ Miller LTjg 1965-67 

Richard Gossett QM1 1968-69 and wife Marie 

Gordon (Hoot) Gibson BT2 1962-66 Dick Oliver Ens 1968-69 Fran Zanoth BT3 1966-68


Silent Auction  

Silent Auction

Bill Kanipe rides his motorcycle to the reunions with the USS Hubbard painted on the front.  

Picture of USS Hubbard on front of motorcycle.

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2013 - Virginia Beach, VA - Reunion