Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era


Pictures From The Past








Christmas card from 1963.  A different view of the Hubbard.  Image provided by Al Eisenbraun.


Left is Dick Peterson (1950-1952). One of the others pictured may be friend, Ralph Dani.  

Thanks to Dick's son, Rick Jr., for this photo.  Rick writes the following: 

"Thanks again so much.  Dad always spoke so proudly of his shipmates on the Hubbard, and he was so happy to go to the reunion in 1990 and see the crew after almost 40 years.   It was only shortly before that reunion when he began to open up and describe what it was like as a gunner, but I had to ask him since he would much rather talk about his friends on the ship.  
His days on the LCS(L)23 are also something from a bygone era, but I can still hear him describing the Kamikaze planes coming at them like missiles.   He was 17 at Okinawa. Dad was a proud Sailor on Gunboat-23, and he was just one of many that went back for Korea.   GB-23, USS Gearing (post WWII) and the USS Hubbard was where he met so many fine Sailors that he allowed me to respect."  


Photo by Steve Gann

Photo by Steve Gann

SK Eliot Stuart, SK Robert Chiea, and PN Robert Tate on Long Beach Liberty.


Front: lst on left William T. Cleverdon III RD3, end Godwin
Back: Willis C. Hauk RD3, Hugh Pickens, Larson, Gene Hyde SO, Ramos RM3


Bob Tate, Karl Hudson and "Pappy" Chapman


1958 Yokosuka
2nd from left - Llewelyn
3rd from left - Gene Hyde
Can anyone identify the others?


Sonarmen from the fifties in Hong Kong
Can anyone identify those without a name?

The third person from the left is Paul Baughman.

Thanks to Ray Gann for this photo.

Front: Loveridge, Madden
Back: Best, Cross, Buhman, Trambell

Thanks to Andy Buhman for these sonarmen photos.

Sonarmen from the early fifties
Buhman, Garton, Cross, and Ekholm
Loveridge, Best, and Dybig

Tom Cross at Captain's Meritorious Mast July 1955. Commanding Officer is CDR E. T. Sullivan


RM1 Maurice (Andy) Anderson on liberty with Esme in Brisbane in the late fifties. They were married in Australia and live there. Andy lived through the terror from the sky at Okinawa when the kamakazees filled the sky.

Al Eisenbraun SH3 (1963-67) with his young bride Gladys in 1965.


Al Eisenbraun SH3 (1963-67) with his wife Gladys aboard the Hubbard in 1965.


Larry Hibbard (Journalist onboard TD during WestPac Cruise), Karl Hudson, and Jack C. (Pappy) Chapman


Clyde Wagner (?) and Donald Manck



Into the water!  Manus Island in the Admiralties


m R. (Porky) Coleman charging. I think he was thrown in


Signalmen - Max Perez, Brown, and Karl Hudson in the mid 50s

Hubbard's rooster tail at 30 knots


Recent photo of Esme and Andy prior to the annual ANZAC celebration. At this time he was the commanding officer of the Legion Post.





The above poem was written by Bobby Phillips in 1964 while on watch in the #2 engine room of the Hubbard.  Thanks to Bobby for sharing the poem and the memories.







Picture courtesy of BT2 Frankey Stanley (51-54)





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“The Snipe”

by Bobby Phillips (1964)


From the shallow hole in the after deck

Comes a smell that’s thick and ripe

Of grease and sweat and unwashed neck

Of the creature known as “The Snipe”


He lives below in his stagnant cave

Far from the light of day

Far from the smell of wind and wave

In slime and slow decay


But, deckhands always say, when the light is draped

In the black you might hear his prowl

When he comes topside like a ghost escaped

The paintwork is sure to be foul


He scratches his back on the paintwork there

Leaving a really large greasy smear

And his smell goes out to the midnight air

Polluting the whole atmosphere


He smears the deck with his greasy track

And smudges the stanchions too

Leaving a trail of greasy black

To be cleaned by the topside crew


Now this is the reason that we all know

Who ever heard a bosun pipe

That the vilest of beasts live down below

Are the sailors affectionately called “THE SNIPE”