Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era



2002 Reunion - Nashville, TN


Reunion hosts LT Richard and Natalie Oliver


(Following pictures provided by Vern Fairchild)


Vern Fairchild


Bill Kanipe


                                                      How many can still wear their uniform from so many years ago?


                                                  This photo provided by Bettie Lemons


Dick Carbert and June Schaefer. Dick and June were the hosts of the reunion in Minneapolis


Dick Noonan and Gayle McHenry


Don and Nancy Webster


Ed and Diane Jackymack



Al Romans


               Otto and June Safranek, Diane and Ed Jackymack

                             CDR Hershell Cotton CDR COTTON was an SK3 while aboard the HUBBARD. He retired as a Commander


Dolly Parton's Home

Special thanks to Bettie Lemons for providing the following photos

L to R: Clyde and Portia Wagner, Wayne and Bettie Lemons, Otto and Charles Brock, and Don and Bernadene Smith


Clyde S. Wagner, GM3, and Wayne L. Lemons, GMG2. They served aboard HUBBARD at the same time.


Fred Youngblood (FTG2) and wife, Martha


Bill Linton (CS2) and wife, Linda


James Willis Weldon (RM3), Beda Wickes, Judy and Bob Wise, and Steven Wickes, (BT3).


J. G. Gill, GM2 and wife, Mary


Bill and Bonnie Petznick


Arthur L. Starring, MM3, and wife, Blanche


Donald A. Lorimer, FCS3, and wife, Virginia.


Charles W. Watts, BTG3, and wife, Betty


George McClanan, FC2, Lt Richard Oliver (Reunion Host), and LTJG Edward Cole



Eugene (Gene) Scott, BM3, and wife, Paulie.


Bob Wise and wife, Judy



Thanks to Robert McConaughy for providing the following pages.


        William Obedoza, SN, John Fried, SN, and James Hill, SK3



Debbie and Jim Minard (2004 reunion hosts), Alvin Eisenbraun, and Jerry McCollum


The Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson



Hermitage Cemetery, final resting place of Andrew Jackson.


View of the Cumberland River from the deck of the General Jackson.