Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era




2008 Reunion - Baltimore, MD


Your hosts for Baltimore:


Mike & Doris Caruccio


Elisa and Ed Jose, TN (1968-69)


Cherry & George Young, MM3 (1962-66)  Betty & Charles Shook, RD1  (1954-57)



Rex Zimmerman, FC3 (1951-52)  and Jerry Osthimer, SK2 (1958-62)

David Davis, LTJG  (1967-69)  Ed Dudley, MM1  (1967-69


Jim Minard, ET2 (1966-68) and Debbie


Charlene & Otto Brock, FT2 (1956-57) Kathy and Mikey Peters, GMG2 (1960-66)


Standing:  Ken Cole, HM1  (1963-65)

Seated:  John Duffy, LTJG (1964-67),  Ed Blanchard,LTJG (1964-67) & Nan,  Marybeth & Tony Felice, LT (1963-65)

On Left Charles Garcia, GM3 (1945)



Jerry Osthimer, SK2 (1958-62) Rex Zimmerman, FC3 (1951-52)


Bob McConaughy, RM2 (1966-67)


Carolyn Wren & Vern Fairchild, ME3 (1955-67)


Robert Knowles SFM2 1963-64 Ken HM1 1963-65 & Sonja Cole


John Sarff GMG2 1962-66


Ron Oswald RMSN 1968-69 with son Nick.


Carolyn Wren, Ken & Sonja Cole HM1 1963-65, George Young MM3 1962-66

George & Cherry Young MM3 1962-66, Ed Hayden SMSN 1946-47, Sandy Reid IC1 1950-52



Rex Zimmerman FC3 1951-52, Irvin Sisler GM2 1944-46,
In background John Sarff GMG2 1962-66, Wayne Sunberg BT3 1960-62

Tom & Ruthe Cunningham MM1 1952-55 With Daughter and friend.

Russ & Sherry Miller LTJG 1965-67



Ron & Penny Hansen ETR2 1964-66, Howard & Carla Anderson ETR2 1965-68, Gary Bowles RM2 1964-66  in background.


Pam & John Grimmke FTG3 1965-67


Pam and John Sarff GMG2 1962-66


Don & Paula Livingston GMG3 1966-67, Chet Gaddy BM3 1964-66


Brad Howe LTJG 1964-67 Nan & Ed Blanchard LTJG 1964-67


Ed Cole LT 1961-64, John Duffy LTJG 1964-67, Brad Howe LTJG 1964-67



Anne Howe, MaryBeth Felice & Tony Felice LT 1963-65



Polly & Ed Cole LT 1961-64


Sally Eldridge, Cy Elliser CSG3 1950-51, Phyllis Sherl, and Betty Watts


Don & Virginia Lorimer FCS3 1950-51, Norm Eldridge FP2 1952-55


Thanks to Al Eisenbraun for all the above images.  Great job, Izzy!

Thanks to everyone who contributed the following images:


                                        Jesse Crim EM3 (1966-69) and Ed Dudley MMI (1967-69) 

                                                           Image submitted by Mike Caruccio


Doris Caruccio and Joyce Renneker at the Chapel

Image submitted by Phyllis Crim



Dining on Crab Cake
Image submitted by Phyllis Crim



Image submitted by Phyllis Crim



Baltimore Attractions


Iwo Jima Memorial

Arlington Eternal Flame John F. Kennedy


Changing of the Guard

Naval Academy Chapel



The "Divine Healer" Statue at Johns Hopkins Hospital


Fort McHenry 15 Star Flag



United States Navy Memorial. Re-Dedication of the USS Hubbard Plaque.