Hubbard crew members served with pride in World War II,
Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War Era



2009 Reunion - Green Bay, WI


John Kraft SN 1966-67 on left, RADM, and Roy Hoffman 1950-54 at the Jacksonville Reunion in 2007.
John Kraft was the host of the 2009 Reunion in Green Bay, WI.  Much thanks for a wonderful reunion!

The site of our reunion has been occupied by a hotel continuously since 1830  First was the Washington House.  Then in 1860 the Beaumont House was erected.  It was remodeled into the Beaumont Hotel in 1909.  It was named for famed Army surgeon Dr. William Beaumont.


Days Inn- City Centre Green Bay

Headquarters for 2009 Reunion


Baby rabbit in foilage in front of our hotel.



PN1 Al Romans and YN3 Ed Jackymack

SOG2 Gene Hyde and Margaret


Diane Jackymack and Harold Zechel





Don and Ginny Lorimer, Charles Shook and Betty Carney, and Betty and Charles Watts


Green Bay Fish Boil and Air Show














Green Bay Memorial Service

USS Cobia from deck of car ferry SS Badger




Memorial Service conducted from the deck of the USS Cobia.  RADM Roy Hoffman officiated along with Richard Oliver and host John Kraft.  The ship's bell tolled once for each of our shipmates who have left us. Here is the Taps list

SHSN Billy M. Bales (50-54) 3/5/09 Huntington, Arkansas

SKC J. Roger Baudier (44-45) 6/27/03 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

LCDR Clifford Beebe (44-45) Gardner, Massachusetts

TM2 Ralph O. Button (62-66) 12/24/97 Cerritos, California

Charles G. Chaney (44-45) 2/25/09 Baltimore, Maryland

FN Vincent G. Clifford (45-48) 6/14/07 Charleston, South Carolina

SN Walter C. Davidson (1951) 9/5/99 Stone Mountain, Georgia

SN Dean Doose (44-45) 1/17/09 Park Ridge, Illinois

LCDR John Golembeske (XO, 53-54) 12/26/08 Fullerton, California

FN Walter Hogan (46-47) 8/7/09 Kenner, Louisiana

SN Neal Phillips (56-57) 2004 Weldon, California

William H. Reynolds (44-46) 11/14/08 Smithtown, New York

FCSN Louis Schmidt (51-52) 4/8/00 Warren, Michigan

BM1 Michael J. Siska (68-69) 9/12/01 Long Beach, California 

Ed Drummond GM1 2/1/09 Hazelhurst, MS, and Myron Jeanes GM3 10/29/08 Scottsdale, AZ













Green Bay Banquet

Gene Hyde and bartender "cutting a rug."

Back Row:  June Safranek and Ed Jackymack

Front Row:  Diane Jackymack and Otto Safranek


Jack Miller, PN3 1967, Harold Zechel, PN1 1956-7, Bob Tate PN1 1957-1959


Al and Nora Romans

Bill and Grace Obedoza


Bill Kanipe and Jack Cole


Jack and Sonja Cole

Back Row:  Chet Gaddy, Hoot Gibson and Al Eisenbraun

Front Row:  Bill Kanipe, Jack Cole, George Young and Ed Hayden


Bernadene and Don Smith


Bill Splinter



Bob Fabianski and Betty and Charles Shook

Pam and John Grimmke


Janice and Bob Kommer

Paula and Don Livingston

Paula and Don Livingston


Wayne Sundberg and Bob McConaughy